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Class Descriptions



Our classes deliver a powerful 40 or 55 minute pilates workout.

You’ll be in a small group, with everyone working, sweating on their own FitFormer™ pilates machine. This amped up pilates class combines resistance, lengthening, strength training and cardio, helping you to feel better than ever. Especially upon repeat visits.

a new full-body workout that brings together Kickboxing, Pilates and Yoga into one powerful session

1 part Kickboxing, 1 part Mat Pilates, and 1 part Yoga for a knock-out workout that will have you looking like a featherweight in no time! A Pilates ProWorks original, matBox is a powerful workout that starts with a round of high-intensity kickboxing with a punching bag. Then, the gloves come off and you hit the mat for a round of Pilates to strengthen your core. The final round incorporates Yoga to leave you aligned, balanced and fully invigorated. The result is a balanced mix of high-energy and focused intensity that tones, aligns and blasts calories.

*no actual fighting or physical contact. hand wraps and gloves required.

a vigorous flow between yoga and Pilates makes this athletic combo class a crowd pleaser.

Through a fusion of familiar yoga postures, calisthenics and Pilates core strengthening moves, Tone & Flow allows clients to sculpt, tone and flow their way to a strong body and calm mind. From upbeat yoga sequences designed to raise your heartrate, to plank variations that will challenge muscles you didn’t know you had, to a series of stretches to combat tension, participants will improve balance, stamina and flexibility, and achieve effective, sustainable results without the pain or harm of more high-impact workouts. Ample available modifications make this 55-minute mat class accessible to all levels.

We’ve Incorporated The Principles And Techniques Of Ballet Barre Work And Pilates 

And created the best (as members tell us) barre class in town. This full-body workout is fast-paced while remaining low-impact. You’ll burn fat while increasing stamina. And even though you’ll be asked to combine pilates core conditioning with isometric strength training, we won’t demand that you wear a tutu.


This is a great place for people who are new to the studio to start!

It is also a good place for students moving from Post Natal and Private Sessions into group classes. The class is designed to teach you the fundamentals of the Pilates Method (language, movements, breathing and body alignment) as well as teach you how to use the equipment correctly and safely.

the best of both worlds.

This member-favorite is the cure for the common case of ADD. Half pilates and half barre, keeps things exciting in this fusion class.



... getting in shape while meeting other moms. This special Pilates class designed for new moms and their babies will help mothers rejuvenate and tone their whole body.

Babies will improve their motor skills and enjoy the social interaction. So bring your baby and get ready to work those abs. For babies 6 weeks to crawlers.