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    Pilates. New School.
    While some think Pilates is like going to physical therapy, we believe Pilates can be so much more. Like fun and invigorating, a kick-ass experience that makes you feel alive. And that’s what you get at Pilates ProWorks. Whether you’re trying to get in shape or looking for another fitness level, our classes will provide exactly what you need.

    We promise, you'll be a Pro in no time!

    Come on. What’s not to like?
    • Monthly memberships.
    • Pilates, Barre, and TRX all at one studio.
    • Unique machines: Try the tl_files/pilatesproworks/img/Fit Former logo copy.png pilates machine, our
      exclusive reformer that works you like nothing else.
    • An assortment of exciting classes: Small groups, tons of
      energy, great music. 
    • A variety of teachers: Different backgrounds, unique

    Really intense classes. Try one today.

    Our Signature Classes

    Pilates Pro Method

    Pilates Pro

    55-minutes of resistance, lengthening, strength training and cardio. Lose weight, define those muscles, boost stamina. The Pro Method is such a high-energy workout, you’ll be happy the class lasts less than an hour.

    Barre Pro

    Barre Pro

    Get into this intensely paced full-body workout that’s based on ballet barre work. The pilates matwork helps you to burn fat while creating glutes, abs, quads and calves that make people do a flattering double-take.

    Check out some of our other classes:

    Pilates Classes, Pilates Essentials, Cardio Sculpt, Prenatal & Postnatal, Barre X, and TRX

    See what we do

    Get Schooled - Teacher Training

    Ever thought about teaching, spicing up your traditional teaching style, or strengthening your personal practice?

    The Pilates ProWorks School program imparts fitness professionals and enthusiasts with the knowledge and science behind our ProMethod workouts and the secrets to building safe and effective class plans. We focus on the future of fitness by designing our programs with a fresh modern approach on classic methods. We are excited to share with you all the workout possibilities on our exclusive tl_files/pilatesproworks/img/Fit Former logo copy.png pilates machine. 

    For more information please visit the ProWorks School Page

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