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The Pilates Pro Training includes instruction on the FitFormer™ and lays the foundation for all of our classes, with the use of our terminology, position chart, stabilization, breath, alignment and proper muscle engagement. 



Get involved in the most popular workout of the year! Our matBox training provides all the fundamentals and building blocks necessary to become a dynamic matBox instructor. This is a powerful workout that starts with a round of high-intensity kickboxing with a punching bag. Then, the gloves come off and you hit the mat for a round of Pilates to strengthen your core. The final round incorporates Yoga to leave you aligned, balanced and fully invigorated. The result is a balanced mix of high-energy and focused intensity that tones, aligns and blasts calories. 


Our newest class, Tone & Flow is a vigorous flow between yoga and Pilates in this athletic combo class. Through a mix of familiar yoga postures and Pilates core strengthening moves, you will sculpt, tone, and flow your way to a strong body and calm mind, while improving balance, flexibility and stamina. Many modifications make this 55 minute full-body workout accessible to all levels. *Some yoga background recommended.


In all of these courses, we help students achieve the highest standards and become thoughtful and confident instructors. We encourage students to develop their own style that blends their natural talents, unique skills and individual creativity with intimate knowledge of the standards, precision and technique that makes our methods so effective.


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"The training this weekend was extremely awesome. The instructor knew just when to give us guidance and info then turned the tables and quizzed every bit of info out of us. I can't believe I ever criticized an instructor or said I didn't like one - training is so much harder than I realized."
Kristin G.


“I chose the ProWorks Method because I loved the studio I frequented as a client, from the teachers and the workout to the general atmosphere. No class was ever the same and each teacher was different. I left class feeling strong, invigorated and relaxed, and wanted to share that with as many people as possible. From the minute I expressed interest in the certification I felt supported and encouraged!”
Jessica D.


"Having been a Pilates/ Gyrotonic teacher with a traditional background, I find the work exciting and invigorating and totally new. Very useful exercises that are helpful and will enhance the lives of some and give others  a great workout, with each variation working strength coordination and balance. As the location of the exercises changes the difficulty increases as well, making it a wonderful experience for beginners to advanced to the super advanced. New movements, interesting variations and new ways of looking at old exercises. Great for person like me - an eternal student who's always wants to know what's new and next. Pilates Pro on the FitFormer is a wonderful addition to the traditional Pilates reformer."
- Andre L.


"I have been a member of PPW for a couple years and was interested in improving my form, learning about the process-- exactly what muscles are being used, etc., and also seeing how it might be to instruct a class! I was a little reluctant to sign up at first but after chatting with the instructor, I was ready to challenge myself. I am SO happy I decided to go for it! It was an unforgettable experience and I am looking forward to continue to improve and learn!"
Sarah F.


"I made one of the best decisions of my life by entering the Pilates Pro Certification program at the ProWorks school!"
-Karen M.


"I learned so much (understatement!), and was challenged mentally and physically in ways I haven't experienced before. I've really grown as an instructor in these last few days - I can't thank you enough!"
-Trista G.




Pilates Pro Training:  $1450

matBox Training: $500

*rates may vary by location, early bird discounts and scholarships may be awarded when applicable.