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Meal plans and nutrition


Real people. Real schedules. Real food.

NutritionPro, our weekly digital meal plan program, is adaptable, hassle-free, and straightforward. We wanted our program to be accessible to everyone, including busy professionals who are crunched for time, families with kids, athletes who need extra fuel, or any individual who is interested in expanding their cooking repertoire and learn about nutrition.

This is not a food delivery program, we are providing you with well-thought-out recipes and a plan to get you through breakfast, lunch, and dinner all week and all month. You will still shop for the freshest ingredients in your area with the help of our handy compiled shopping list.


Our philosophy

Just like our workouts, we like to keep our nutrition plan both functional and efficient, with a twist! These meal plans are made up of whole foods. We include high-quality animal protein, but offer vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free suggestions. We say yes to good fats and no to refined sugar and processed foods. We encourage local and seasonal options when available.

This is not a diet or a weight-loss plan. It is a tool to help support your current healthy lifestyle or help you to create one. Fortunately, when you start changing the way you eat by cutting out junk, weight-loss is often a happy side effect!


What's inside?

You can purchase an individual season, Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, which each include 13 weeks of recipes, or you can purchase the full year. Any purchase comes with the 5 extra bonus guides! All are PDFs available for immediate download

Each week has a new 4-dinner meal plan and the corresponding grocery shopping lists.

With 4 dinners for the week you have the flexibility to cook at home most nights and then go out for work and social obligations other nights. The shopping list is broken down so you can shop for the whole week or meal-by-meal according to your schedule, and the recipes are built for 2 adults, so it's easy to double or halve them based on your needs. (quick tip: we like to make double what we need for dinner and save half for lunch the next day!)

Each weekly meal plan gives you the following:

  • 4 nutritionally-balanced dinner recipes

  • Flexible shopping list so the grocery store isn’t such a drag

  • Easy make-ahead prep guide for maximum efficiency

Free Bonuses also included:

  • Welcome Packet Program Guide

  • Healthy Breakfast Guide

  • Snacks and Traveling Guide

  • Eating Out Guide

  • Hydration Guide




  • Unbelievable natural energy

  • Effortless weight loss

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Heightened mental clarity

  • Break unhealthy habits and food addictions


  • Immediate download

  • Preparation plan to minimize your time in the kitchen

  • Less food waste than when you're winging it from one night to the next


  • A simple "map" for the week.

  • We avoid giving you too many choices which can be overwhelming

  • No hard-to-find ingredients


  • Breaks down to about $0.60/recipe!!.

  • Bring out your inner chef and learn your way around the kitchen

  • Cost of the ingredients for dinner is around $5/per person



Haley Whitley is Pilates ProWorks’ in-house nutritionist, specializing in making whole foods taste delicious! Her recipes are nourishing, creative, and easy enough for even the most novice in the kitchen.

Haley came onboard with Pilates ProWorks two years ago as one of our top Bay Area instructors. She brought her passion for holistic nutrition and total body health, which quickly inspired a community of followers at her home base studio in Mill Valley, CA. In addition to teaching kickass classes, she leads PPW clients through seasonal cleanses, offers nutritional education workshops, and creates individualized nutrition programs, reminding us to appreciate food as nourishment for our bodies and encourage us to make healthier choices.

With her background in psychology, nutrition, cooking, and fitness, Haley is uniquely equipped to design NutritionPro, PPW’s long-awaited custom subscription program. At the core of NutritionPro’s philosophy is the principle that optimal health begins with what we eat: by making organic, whole foods the staple of our diet, one can embark on a path to lifelong health and longevity.


It's as easy as...


1. Purchase and Download

  • Purchase one or more seasons, or the full year.

  • Download the PDF immediately.

2. Shop and Prep

  • Use the handy, easy to follow, combined shopping list for the week.

  • Follow the prep guide and get a bunch of the prep work for the week out of the way in about 1 hour.

3. Cook and Enjoy

  • Use the Bonus Guides to choose breakfast and snack recipes.

  • Make extra for dinner and use the leftovers to make a salad or a wrap for lunch the next day.

  • Follow the easy recipes to assemble your dinners. They take an average of 30 minutes.

  • Relax knowing you are feeding your body and soul with goodness.


All information provided in the Pilates ProWorks nutrition plans is for informational purposes only. These menus are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and are not intended to be a substitute or replacement for any medical treatment. Please seek the advice of a healthcare professional for your specific health concerns. Individual results may vary.