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National Campaign Emphasizes Pilates ProWorks’ Commitment to Self-Care


National Campaign Emphasizes Pilates ProWorks’ Commitment to Self-Care

Amy Lecza

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Pilates ProWorks believes that fitness is about taking care of the whole self, physically, mentally and emotionally. To underscore this message, the boutique fitness studios launched a special “Restore Your Core” campaign. 

The two-month long marketing initiative, which took place throughout August and September, encouraged new moms to post their stories about what restoring their core meant to them. It didn’t necessarily have to be about achieving the perfect body postpartum, but instead emphasized emotional and mental self-care.

As part of the Restore Your Core campaign, franchisee studios also launched diaper drives to benefit area diaper banks or other institutions that might need various baby supplies. The drive gathered 3,500 diapers in total to distribute around the country, including to The Diaper Bank of Minnesota and the Miami Diaper Bank. “We are blown away by the response from our communities to our diaper drive,” says Taylor Carter, co-founder and president of Pilates ProWorks. “We are so thankful to everyone who contributed to making a difference in the lives of hundreds of mothers and children in the communities we serve. 

Such targeted outreach is part of Pilates ProWorks’ vibrant marketing initiatives which appeal to just the kind of audiences that the boutique fitness studio is looking to attract. It’s not just moms, of course, who have found a winning formula in the Pilates ProWorks method, which combines innovative new machines with contemporary lessons at affordable prices.

With 11 U.S. locations and five international studios, the fitness franchise appeals to everyone who wants to use a contemporary reinterpretation of the exercise regimen to restore their own core. Franchisees in turn count on Pilates ProWorks to continue the emphasis on whole body rejuvenation, which delivers loyal customers now and into the future. 

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