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From Plane Crash to Growing Fitness Franchise


From Plane Crash to Growing Fitness Franchise

Amy Lecza

Oscar Headshot.jpg

When life hands him lemons, Oscar Sanin, the founder of Pilates ProWorks, knows how to make lemonade. In a feature on, Sanin describes how a plane crash lead him to a radical new business concept and the seed for the Pilates ProWorks franchise.

It was in 1994 when Oscar was on a single-engine, four-passenger plane in Bogota, Colombia, when the engine failed. While Oscar survived the emergency landing, he had lingering back issues. It was then he started Pilates as a way of managing the back pain. Finding that the Pilates machines were not friendly to his 5’10” frame, Oscar took matters in his own hands and developed a new FitFormer machine. The machine, which anchors the Pilates ProWorks studios, gives clients a complete whole-body workout while accommodating people of different sizes.

The studio initially launched in 2009 in San Francisco and since then Oscar has tried and tested the fitness model to a number of additional boutique locations in other cities. Pilates ProWorks is looking to power up its franchising game as it expands into new locations in 2018 and beyond.  

The Pilates ProWorks franchise is especially suited for entrepreneurs who are looking to launch their own business and are passionate about fitness and health. Oscar’s tried-and-tested approach has proven to be a hit in San Francisco and beyond. The franchise is approaching 18 locations, and entrepreneurs who join will be working with the franchise from the ground up and leveraging a popular concept.

The feature explains how Oscar turned a life-altering experience into a new business opportunity. Such drive and a commitment to excellence are what franchisees can expect from the popular fitness franchise as it continues its strategic growth.

Learn how you can join the growing Pilates ProWorks franchise family.