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NutritionPro Q&A with Haley Whitley

Taylor Carter

photo credit: Rosa Delgado

photo credit: Rosa Delgado

Have you been wondering if NutritionPro is for you? Read our Q&A with NutritionPro master mind, Haley Whitley, and learn why this digital meal plan is for anyone, anywhere! It’s simple, straight-forward, easy on the pocket book and makes cooking fun and delicious! After reading these FAQs, you’ll be wondering “How do I sign up?”

Q. What is NutritionPro and what does “digital meal plan” mean?
NutritionPro is a monthly subscription program that delivers a 4 dinner meal plan every Friday. Our program is designed to simplify the meal planning process for you and your family by providing a unique strategy that involves bulk cooking and prepping ahead of time. NutritionPro will transform the way you think about food and show you how to nourish yourself while cutting back on stress and saving money. Upon signing up you will also get a packet of invaluable information from the Program Guide, Health Breakfast Guide, Hydration Guide, Eating Out Guide, and Snacks and Traveling Guide.

Q. Who creates the meal plan?
Are the menu items/recipes all original? All the recipes are original and created by me! I’ve had years of experience teaching cooking classes to children and adults, as well as nutritional consulting and creating individualized meal plans.

Q. What is your background and experience in nutrition and healthy lifestyle?
A. I grew up in Eugene, Oregon with very health-conscious parents, which helped foster a love of healthy food at a young age. It’s hard to pinpoint when my interest in health and nutrition really became a passion, but I think it was when I lived in Costa Rica. After graduating from Seattle University in 2006 with an undergraduate degree in psychology, I moved to a small beach town in Costa Rica to teach English. For almost four years I lived the “pura vida” lifestyle. I learned how to surf, hiked in the jungle, cooked fresh foods, and ate simply. I was in awe by the power of food and how it fueled my active lifestyle. There’s nothing quite like fresh mackerel caught the same day, coconut water straight from the tree and ripe papayas! In 2010 I moved back to the states — the land of plenty! — and really dove into learning to cook whole foods. Shortly thereafter I embarked on a Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition from Hawthorn University, started my business, 18grains Nutrition, and began working with clients around the Bay Area.

Q. Each Friday I receive 4 dinner recipes, correct? What about other meals? What kind of recipes are they?
Yes. Each weekly meal plan provides you with 4 dinner recipes for the week ahead. You can shop and prep your meals over the weekend and be ready to go Monday morning! We recommend making extra dinner and saving the leftovers for a quick easy lunch, and you will receive the Healthy Breakfast Guide upon enrolling with several options to choose from.

You’ll find that our meal plans use seasonal produce and seasonal cooking styles with tons of variety. In the summer, for example, you’ll see lots of fresh salads, sweet corn, and ripe tomatoes; in the winter you’ll see more stews, soups, and cooked veggies like sweet potato and Brussels sprouts. All of the recipes are composed of whole foods with some lightly processed foods such as sprouted bread, corn tortillas, rice crackers, and hummus.

Q. Are the menu items/recipes every “reused”? Will I ever receive the same menu as from a previous weeks’ plan?
Nope, none of the recipes will ever be repeated. You can look forward to new, creative recipes each time.

Q. What if I’m gluten free? Are there options available?
Every recipe has a gluten-free option that is easy to implement (e.g. “use quinoa instead of bulgur in this recipe”). Keep in mind many of the recipes are already gluten-free because we utilize a variety of whole grains.

Q. I have strict eating limitations, would NutritionPro be a good fit for me?
Our meal plans use all types of whole foods and each recipe provides a gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian option. Those with egg, nut, or other food allergies would have to modify further.

Q. Is this a diet?
No, this is not a diet, but more like a lifestyle change. The beauty of NutritionPro is that is doesn’t feel or taste like a diet, but you get many of the benefits of one. Just like any successful diet, you will have structure and food recommendations to help you clean up your diet and lose weight. You will, however, have more choices, freedom to eat out on “Free Meals” and tools to make long-term and sustainable changes.

Q. Does this come with any guarantees for weight loss?
There is no guarantee for weight loss, but luckily it is a very common “side effect” of eating a clean, whole foods diet!

Q. I am looking to lose weight, is following the meal plan enough? If not, what else do you suggest incorporating into my diet or daily routine?
Many factors can influence an individual’s ability to lose weight such as age, activity level, genetics, and stress. Definitely the first step to losing weight is eating a whole foods diet and cutting out processed foods and “empty calories.” Not eating the right balance of protein, carbs, and fat — or not eating enough, period! — can be really detrimental for weight loss. We make sure to provide dinners and lunches that have balanced macronutrients and snacks and breakfasts that can be combined to create balance within the day.

Many people have food sensitivities that they’re unaware of, which makes trying to lose weight feel like an uphill battle. Following an elimination diet for 2-3 weeks sometimes can pinpoint these sensitivities. Of course, exercise is crucial. Regular cardio workouts and building lean muscle mass will fuel the weight loss process and support a healthy metabolism. Other things that help the weight loss process are drinking plenty of water, watching your sugar intake, and getting plenty of sleep.

Q. Are nutrition facts/serving sizes included for each menu item?
Yes. Each recipe comes with a serving size and tells you the amount of calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrate, fiber, sugar and protein in the meal. The lunches and dinners are 400-600 calories, the breakfasts are 300-400 calories, and the snacks range from 50-200 calories. You have a lot to choose from and you are coached how to combine meals in order to maximize your macronutrient and micronutrient intake.

Q. What if I workout a lot- do these meal plans sustain an active lifestyle?
Definitely. If you are a highly active person — not to worry! There will be plenty of complex carbohydrates, protein, and high-quality fats in the meal plans to fuel you through the day. If you’re an athlete or had a particularly strenuous workout, stick to the meal plan but increase the portions or eat more snacks to supplement.

Q. I’m not a good cook, are these recipes easy to follow? And do you use common, easy to find ingredients?
Yes. Even though they’re simple and easy to follow, the recipes are creative and packed with flavor. If you’re new in the kitchen you’ll learn basic cooking strategies and build your inventory of go-to recipes you can use again and again. The ingredients are basic enough to find at stores like Safeway or Trader Joe’s. You may be using foods you’re not accustomed to or be introduced to new foods altogether (like chia seeds, miso paste, and bulgur!).

Q. I don’t live near a Pilates ProWorks location, can I still sign-up?
Anyone can sign up! You do not need to be a member or have ever stepped foot in PPW to subscribe to NutritionPro.

Q. How much does NutritionPro cost and what do I get for that?
It’s only $12/month, charged in three months increments (that’s $36 every three months). Your credit card will be auto debited at the end of the three month cycle, but you can cancel anytime before each renewal. Upon enrolling you get a Welcome Packet, which has the first set of downloads (the Program Guide, Healthy Breakfast Guide, Hydration Guide, Eating Out Guide, and Snacks and Traveling Guide). Regardless of what day you sign up, your first meal plan will arrive on the soonest Friday, and you will continue receiving meal plans until you choose to cancel. In other words, each three month cycle provides 50+ dinner recipes.

Q. What inspired you to create NutritionPro?
Over the years I have seen many people struggle with weight loss, get frustrated when diets don’t work, and develop unhealthy relationships with food. Food becomes the enemy when it really should be a positive and enjoyable experience. I wanted to show people that wholesome, nourishing food can be delicious and satisfying and — most importantly — make you feel good. I believe that a whole foods diet is the foundation for long-term weight loss and can prevent chronic disease down the road. And guess where it all starts? In the kitchen! Most of us can’t afford to eat out all the time or buy expensive ingredients, so home-cooking is crucial. The constant "What-should-I-eat-for-dinner?" dilemma can be an ongoing problem for many people, which often results in making poor choices and overall having poor health. This is why NutritionPro brings you back to the kitchen, but totally de-stresses and simplifies the process. Many Pilates ProWorks clients are already somewhat health-conscious and have the exercise part down, but it’s the nutrition part that is a source of confusion. Now we can confidently say we have a program that fixes the "What-should-I-eat-for-dinner?" problem effectively and affordably!

Q. What’s your favorite recipe?
This is a hard one… it’s a tie between Avocado Mousse (I have a sweet tooth!) and Cheesy Polenta Stuffed Poblanos. YUM.

If you have any further questions, or want to get started with the plan, visit the NutritionPro section on our website at: or email