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Protein Power!

Taylor Carter

Pilates ProWorks classes can really work up an appetite! We’ve made a list of surprising protein sources that you can add to your meals without having to repeat the same protein day in and day out


Eggs: Try making savory oatmeal instead of sweet, or make an omelet full of veggies to keep eggs exciting! They are full of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and contain sulfur which is known as the beauty mineral.


Quinoa: This is a power grain to say the least! Quinoa can be eaten cold, hot, under veggies or mixed with fruit. It’s also a great way to get some extra protein without all the carbs! Try soaking it for a few hours before cooking, it will help your body to get more of the great nutrients it has to offer!


Chia seeds: Top of your favorite smoothie recipe with chia seeds, or mix with your fruit and yogurt for a great protein source packed into a 1-tablespoon serving!

Check out for more ideas to add healthy protein sources to your meals!