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Healthy Eating With a Budget in Mind

Taylor Carter

Although San Francisco has many delicious options for dining after your favorite Pilates ProWorks class, sometimes you just want a home-cooked meal. It seems like a daunting task to grocery shop on a budget while still purchasing clean, quality food. It doesn’t have to be! Here are some quick tips to help you make quick and healthy choices at the grocery store!


–> PLAN. By organizing your grocery needs and making a list, you will make the process SO much easier. Then you won’t be adding unnecessary things to your grocery cart. Who knows, you might just enjoy yourself a little bit.

–>EAT. Have a meal or a snack before you hit the grocery store. Otherwise, everything will look good and you will end up leaving with 5 times more food than you intended on.

–>FREEZE. Kale sale? Reduced prices on your favorite berries? Stock up! You can easily purchase these items and store them in the freezer until you need them. This is also great for smoothie making so your ingredients are already super cold and refreshing!

–>BUDGET. By calculating a budget for your shopping trip, you’ll be able to prioritize what you actually need vs. what you just want. This also makes for a quicker shopping trip by just being prepared!


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