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Sonoma CA | Pilates, Yoga, & Cardio Classes | Sonoma Valley | Wine Country

Pilates - based Group Fitness Classes in sonoma, ca

Serving Wine country including Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Napa and the surrounding North Bay Area.

Our philosophy is simple: We say yes to variety, intensity, and quality. We are dedicated to offering accessible and efficient, total-body Pilates-based group fitness classes. We strive to deliver a kick-ass, quality experience for clients and keep them coming back for more. Our twist on traditional methods helps clients develop and achieve their fitness goals while having fun. Whether you need to sweat, sculpt, train or tone, Pilates ProWorks has something for you..


Our signature FitFormer (think super reformer) class combines resistance, lengthening, and strength training into a high-energy, music-fueled total body workout.

PILATES classic:

This Classic style class is a more traditional style of full body exercise that educates, realigns, and balances the body, which builds lean, flexible muscles. Don't be fooled! This slower, quieter version is not "easier!"


30 minute Pilates + 30 minute matBox
 It's a cardio boost that will burn calories, increase your metabolism and kick(box) your fitness up a notch. It's the perfect blend of high intensity cardio (think kickboxing w/ a punching bag!) followed by Pilates core conditioning on the FitFormer.

yoga pro:

Find your power flow in this intimate yoga class in the upstairs loft! The small class size allows clients to receive more individual attention from the instructor to help you explore your limits including how to improve balance, heal and prevent injuries, strengthen muscles and to open the body for meditation- the perfect balance to the Pilates classes!





More packages and specials may be available HERE.


1 Month Unlimited

(1xday max)  - $135

First Class



4-month minimum commitment

4-month minimum commitment

1 month Unlimited 

 (1xday max) - $225

Fit 10

(10/Mo. - No Rollover) - $175




1 Month Unlimited 

any 3 consecutive days - $70

(1xday max) - $255



1 Class 



5 Pack 


10 pack



20 Pack



Call the studio to purchase and book sessions.

Call the studio to purchase
and book sessions.

one-on-one training

$55 –new client/first session

$75 – per session

$350 – 5 session pack

$675  – 10 session pack 

$1300  – 20 session pack 


Semi-Private Sessions Are Also Available. 



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