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Our Signature Classes

Pilates Pro Method

Pilates Pro

There’s no one quite like you. And there’s no machine like the tl_files/pilatesproworks/img/Fit Former logo copy.pngPilates Machine. Put the two together and you get a powerful 55-minute pilates workout. You’ll be in a small group, with everyone working, sweating, grooving to great tunes and simply having a blast on their own tl_files/pilatesproworks/img/Fit Former logo copy.pngPilates Machine. This amped up pilates class combines resistance, lengthening, strength training and cardio, helping you to feel better than ever. Especially upon repeat visits.

The details:

• Lose weight and define muscle.
• Improve strength, endurance, and flexibility.
• Boost your energy.
• Some of the music you may hear includes Phoenix, David
  Guetta, Little Dragon, The Beatles and others.

Barre Pro

Barre Pro

Think about ballet. Sure, it’s beautiful to watch, the dancers are incredible. Yet how many of us can actually do it?  That’s why we’ve incorporated the principles and techniques of ballet barre work and created the best (as members tell us) barre class in town. This full-body pilates workout is fast-paced while remaining low-impact. You’ll burn fat while increasing stamina. And even though you’ll be asked to combine pilates core conditioning with isometric strength training, we won’t demand that you wear a tutu.

The details:

• Target your glutes, quads and calves to create long, lean
   muscle mass.
• Pilates matwork focuses on strengthening your abs, core and
  lower back.
• Upper body isometric strength training incorporates props
  such as balls, weights, or magic circles.
• Small, controlled movements keep your joints protected.
• Some of the music you may hear includes Fatboy Slim, MIA,
  Bruno Mars, The Pixies and others.

More Classes

Pilates Classic

Traditional group reformer Pilates on our FitFormer is a full body exercise that educates, realigns, and balances the body, which builds lean, flexible muscles. The Pilates Method increases coordination and improves body alignment and posture while relieving stress and tension.

Pilates focuses on precision of form. Each exercise requires complete concentration and controlled movements, which heightens mind-body awareness.

Pilates Essentials

This is a great place for people who are new to the studio to start! It is also a good place for students moving from Post Natal and Private Sessions into group classes. The class is designed to teach you the fundamentals of the Pilates Method (language, movements, breathing and body alignment) as well as teach you how to use the equipment correctly and safely.

If your Essentials instructor feels you are not yet ready to join in on the quick pace of our Pilates Pro class, they will suggest additional Essentials classes or one or two private sessions before signing up for an All Level class. This is to ensure your safety and comfort as well as to maintain the flow of the Pilates Pro classes.

Cardio Sculpt

A fun class designed to get some cardio into your week! Alternating 1-minute intervals... Cardio - Reformer - Cardio - Reformer -Etc...

It is recommend that you take our Signature Pilates Pro class a few times before this class, as the transitions are quick and often, decent knowledge of the FitFormer is helpful.

Pre-/Post-Natal Pilates

Pilates develops your overall muscle strength and increases your flexibility, reducing your susceptibility to lower back pain during pregnancy as well as helping you to bounce back after delivery. Pilates prepares the body for pregnancy by keeping the abdominal and pelvis muscles strong and toned, while teaching breathing for relaxation and pain management.

It also helps all those busy new moms get their bodies back quicker, while speeding up recovery after delivery. A regular Pilates program will also help you gain the vital energy you will need to keep up with your little one. So come join us for a wonderful class and it does not matter if you are prenatal or postnatal, you will have a great time.

Mommy & Me

Moms, bring your babies and have fun getting in shape while meeting other moms. This special Pilates class designed for new moms and their babies will help mothers rejuvenate and tone their whole body.

Babies will improve their motor skills and enjoy the social interaction. So bring your baby and get ready to work those abs. For babies 6 weeks to crawlers.

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